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AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES  do not deal in firearms, but recommends Busselton Rural Supplies.

                                              For all firearm sales contact Chris Palmer on,

                                                                 Phone   9752 1199

                                                    email   chris@busseltonrural.com.au

                                                   Unit 1,15 / 17 Fairlawn Rd. Busselton.

Chris has been involved with firearm sales for a number of years and can assist you with your needs.

  AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES  provides gunsmithing services for Busselton Rural Services as                                                           well as to all licensed firearm users.

We are licensed to provide reloaded ammunition and new specialized ammunition to customers requirements.

Our services include, general firearm repairs.

Projectile testing in ballistics gel to demonstrate the performance of various construction types.

                        "AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES", who are we?

​​AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES  is a wholly Australian owned and operated business. 

Based solely on the firearm industry, for shooting and associated products. AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES  is the leading Australian specialist night vision supplier.                                                                                                                                                     Australian importer and distributor for the GENERAL STARLIGHT COMPANY INCORPORATED of CANADA.

As a specialist night vision dealer we will supply only equipment that we can personally assure a client that it will provide satisfactory performance for the desired use. 

We can supply night vision equipment to both Government and private customers, and are registered with Australian Customs and the Department of Defence to import and export controlled items.. 

Australian Shooting Services specialises in high quality night vision equipment, including high performance "controlled" professional / law enforcement items in both IMAGE INTENSIFYING and THERMAL IMAGING.

We, at Australian Shooting Services, do not recommend the purchase of Gen 1 entry level equipment as it has very limited value for night vision, but can supply it if specifically requested for limited detection needs.

As operational users of various types of image intensifying and thermal night vision equipment, we can genuinely provide clients with information and facts about the different types of night vision products available, including night vision rifle scopes, and what the specifications will mean to you the user, for all types and grades of night vision, rather than just blindly quoting the specification sheet, ​which is all most suppliers are able do. 

When selecting your preferred Night Vision supplier, always check on the details they advertise, for example, do they really 

supply "military" grade products as they indicate, when all they list is GENERATION 1 and other LOW END CONSUMER ITEMS? Or make other similar claims, for example, "Super Long Range" night vision and show a Gen 3 image, while hidden in the fine print it says 100 yard detection ! 

NIGHT VISION equipment items are specialized products and are not suitable for sale from a "general sales" outlet, it vitally important that all sales staff actually know and fully understand the items they are selling.

Professional or military grade night vision equipment for only a few hundred dollars?? REALLY? It just does not happen!!!

Night time demonstrations of all grades of night vision and thermal imaging can be arranged in most locations.                Contact us for details.


For more information see                                                                                pages on this site.

Australian Shooting Services gunsmith, Alan, first qualified in 1968 is able to carry out your gunsmithing requirements in a well equipped modern workshop.

It is not intended that we be a supplier of general shooting accessories, although we do carry a range of general day to day firearm maintenance items and have accounts with various local and overseas suppliers and can obtain a number of other products if required. 

A selection of VORTEX rifle scopes are available ex stock.                                                                                                                       We also have a number of other associated products that are applicable to the shooting public.


See the                                                                     page.

It should be noted that we do NOT supply firearm parts or specialist gun tools direct to the public. 

We also carry out feral animal control using the latest technologies and night vision equipment.

for details.