TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                    FOR THE PURCHASE OF NIGHT VISION AND THERMAL IMAGING EQUIPMENT.

All night vision and thermal imaging equipment sold by
AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES is warranted to perform to the manufacturer’s specification and against faults for the stated period under the terms and conditions set out by the manufacturer.                                                                                                                               

The purchaser must ensure they fully understand the meaning of all the specifications of a selected model, for example, Detection, Recognition and Identification etc, and accept full responsibility for being satisfied that the selected item is suitable for the intended purpose prior to purchase.                                                                            No allowance, financial or otherwise, will be made, or provided, for the return or refund, should an item not perform to the purchaser’s perceived standard, or for any change of mind.                                                                          Full payment is required before delivery unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing.                                          For non stock items, full payment is required at the time of order and payment is non refundable and no allowance will provided for an alternative selection for any reason.


All GENERAL STARLIGHT COMPANY INCORPORATED (GSCI) equipment is imported on a           

CANADIAN GOVERNMENT EXPORT CERTIFICATE as a controlled item, and once a purchase has been accepted by AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES the order is binding and cannot be varied or altered under GSCI terms of sale.                                                                                                                                                        Variations of price can occur due to the US / Au dollar fluctuations at the time of money transfer and will be adjusted prior to delivery where necessary.                                                                                                                  Should a purchase be made, and with prior agreement, a deposit only is paid, the purchaser will be liable for the full amount plus all associated costs incurred by AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES, including freight and insurance to Australia should they decline to accept delivery.

Australian Shooting Services acts as a distributor and agent for GSCI and any warranty claim on these products,
AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES will obtain the required AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT EXPORT PERMIT at no cost to the purchaser, but the purchaser will be liable for the cost of freight and insurance to CANADA unless this has been agreed otherwise in writing.  



The purchaser must be aware of the fact that with all NIGHT VISION and THERMAL IMAGING equipment, performance will at times vary considerably under differing atmospheric conditions, this does not constitute faulty equipment.                                                                                                                                                          Regardless of claims made by some manufacturer’s, stating that thermal imaging is not affected by smoke, fog, rain etc., it is important to note that all these situations will affect the performance of all grades of thermal imaging and night vision products to some extent. Atmospheric pressure and humidity will also reduce the performance to some degree. 

It is often stated that thermal imaging will “see through” thick bushes. Anything that completely shields an

object / target will prevent it being seen with any optical equipment.