384X288 17 micron 4.1 Optical magnification.
Detection range 1800 m. ( Same as the 640x480 model ! )
F 1.2 Lens
8 Hour battery life
FOV 7.5 x 5.6 Degrees

Half grown kangaroo @ 90 M 2.8 X optical.


                             Australia's leading specialist Night Vision dealer.

Yearling cattle @ 35 M 2.8 X optical.



PULSAR night vision equipment.

Images taken from video using a Pulsar HD50S thermal monocular.

The new XQ50 above has added features over that of the HD50S.

The XQ50 has to be one of the best value thermal monoculars available.

Cattle @ 800 M, optical 2.8 X

            EPS - 3

External battery pack

     TRAIL XQ50

384x288 17 micron 2.7 optical magnification.
Detection range 1800 m ( Same as the 640x480 model ! )
F1.2 lens
8 Hour battery life
FOV 7.5 x 5.6 deg

Also available -

TRAIL    XP50, 640 X 480  17 micron rifle scope   $7500

HELION XP50, 640 X 480  17 micron monocular   $6850

It should be noted that images taken from video and

enlarged for viewing such as this, will NOT produce 

the same resolution as will seen directly on the

units own internal screen.


A full range of Pulsar / Yukon products are available from                                        AUSTRALIAN SHOOTING SERVICES,

        including Gen2+ rifle scopes. Enquire for details.

For hunting and surveillance.

Cattle as above with 2 X digital zoom.

Recommended new thermal products.

These two items represent the BEST value thermal imaging items without going to professional grade equipment.


 PULSAR thermal products represent extremely good value, suitable for the amateur and commercial users. While they do not have the same specs as high end thermal products, they provide an economical option to "Law Enforcement" grade scopes where those specs are not required.