CorrosionX       For guns.

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$198 Au


Economical trail cameras.

Video and still pics or a combination of both.

Covert (Invisible) IR flash.

1 Second start.

Side looking sensors.

Up to 6 months standby time.

20 meter night time vision.

​Inbuilt 2.4 LCD monitor.

​Australian 12 month warranty.

The original recoil reducer.

These units will dampen heavy recoil firearms by about 40%. These are also useful for reducing recoil on rifles fitted with short eye relief night vision scopes and for those not designed for heavy recoil. They are beneficial for those people who do not tolerate recoil well.

​Can also be used it pairs if required.

   CorrosionX is the only product available to the public that            meets the US Navy's tough new corrosion prevention

      and control performance requirement (MIL-PRF-8109F)

72 mm

Personal position indicating beacon for shooters, bush walkers, in fact anybody venturing into remote areas.

(Similar to a marine EPIRB but designed primarily for use on land)

Use anywhere in the world.

Weighs only 4 Ounces or 116 Grams.

Made in the UK, fully approved for use in Australia.


High performance corrosion protection and lubricant designed specifically for firearms. Based on the industrial CorrosionX product.

Will actually stop rust and prevent further corrosion even after being handled a film of protection will remain in place.

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CorrosionX actually kills rust and prevents further rusting and provides protection even

in salt laden conditions.

Provides outstanding lubrication and is safe

on electronics.

CorrosionX         Industrial

rescueME. PLB1 Personal locator beacon.




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